The Unreal

2019 - ongoing
Machinima film
13:50 min.

Visuals: Sive Hamilton Helle
Concept, text and Spanish voice: Gloria López Cleries
English voice: Lucy Wilson
Music: Ernesto Ojeda

The Unreal is an artifical space created with the game software “Unreal Engine”. In a guided tour inspired by a meditation guide, the viewer is led across a mine landscape. Through a metaphorical approach and a recreation of a utopian reality, we simulate a walkable immersive virtual experience. The route, marked by a speculative derive, offers a representation of Silicon Valley's imaginaries about the infinite and individual freedom. A contradictory narrative exalts the failure of techno-capitalism alternatives and the colonization of all imagined spaces.
The Unreal es un espacio artifical creado con el software de video juegos “Unreal Engine”. En una visita guiada inspirada en una meditación guiada, una voz nos acompaña a través del paisaje de una mina. A través de un acercamiento metafórico y la recreación de una realidad utópica, simulamos una experiencia virtual transitable. El recorrido, caracterizado por una deriva especulativa, ofrece una representación de los imaginarios de Silicon Valley sobre el infinito y la libertad individual. Una narrativa contradictoria exalta el fracaso de las alternativas del tecno-capitalismo y la colonización de todos los espacios imaginados.


2023 Festival/ Group exhibition, OFF Bratislava – THE HOUSE OF PLAUSIBLE, PROBABLE, POSSIBLE AND PREFERABLE FUTURES, Festival of Contemporary Photography, Kunsthalle Bratislava.
2023 Group exhibition, Happily Ever After,
curated by Julia Björnberg & Anna Johansson. Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö.
2022 Group exhibition, "How to Win at Photography", The Photographers’ Gallery, London. 
2022 Screening ISEA 2022 -International Symposium of Electronic Art, CCCB and CERC, Barcelona. 
2022 Screening CYCLO Festival, Sala Pirandello, Madrid, Spain. @cyclomadrid
2021 Screening BIENAL SUR, Teatro Margarita Xirgu, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
2021 Screening STREAMS Transformative Environmental Humanities, Stockholm 3–6 August 2021
2021 Screening, IMMATERIAL TV, Encuentro sobre realidades mediadas por lo digital, Tabakalera, Spain.
2021 Group exhibition, "How to Win at Photography", Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland. Digital Catalogue
2020 Online exhibition, The Unreal, ADAF – Athens Digital Art Festival.
2020 Screening, Posespacios. The Unreal, Injuve, Madrid.
2019 Group exhibition, The Unreal, Welcome to the Antropoceno, Museo de Salamanca, Spain.
2019 Online exhibition, The Unreal, Internet Moon Gallery.


"The Unreal: Imaginaries of Techno-colonialism", MAST Journal, Media, Materiality, and Emergency, Vol. 1 | No. 2 | Nov. 2020, Edited by Timothy Barker.
Featured in De Correspondent alongside article by Evgeny Morozov, may 2021. Link


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